Hit or miss

“Activists allege that unequal outcomes are proof of discrimination without any consideration for other factors that may explain the unequal outcome.” This is the opening statement from ‘The real causes’ written by Mr. Phil Underwood of Montoursville. He begins with a false premise. Outcomes are not proof but results.

He speaks to choices women in the work environment make for less and are happy about it. He doesn’t elaborate what those choices are. What are they? Having a family and staying home to raise and care for them? Following her husband’s career path and not hers? Is there a difference coming form the employer between a male employee having a family and a woman employee having a family? Is it really their choice or is there an outside influence on the choice?

He ends it by speaking to racial discrimination and proceeds to state, “Differences in pay, unemployment, education level, general quality of life are attributed to racial discrimination, when the cause it likely to be good and bad attitudes and personal decisions on the part of the individuals.” Mr. Underwood doesn’t provide evidence of this statement either.

Mr. Underwood misses in his letter and he doesn’t prove any of his statements. He doesn’t prove that discrimination is not a factor of or a result of unequal outcomes or that claims of discrimination are truly false ones.

Charles M. Reeder


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom