I am, the law

For some time now I keep hearing that what this politician or the President can’t do this or that because they are going against the Constitution or breaking the law. Well, why doesn’t someone with the appropriate authority address the situation? Would that fall under the jurisdiction of the Attorney General; or the House of Representatives? It seems to me that the A.G. and the President are “on the same page” so that idea is out of the question. And it seems that the House and Senate are manned by Democrats sympathetic to the Presidents vision of the country and a bunch of Republicans worrying about their re-election. So people like me are concerned over the fact that these people we elected to serve us are breaking the law and serving themselves.

And have you noticed how law enforcement is getting all these really neat military vehicles and weapons. It seems that every department in the government now has its own SWAT team. And did you see the Dept. of Homeland Security now has its own police arm. You remember when those dangerous Tea Party people protested at IRS offices around the country? There were vehicles with DHS Police on them. I heard a rumor (Harry Reid) that the government isn’t allowed to have their own police department; that it’s a local government thing.

Now our Dear Leader is in the process of planning our future cities and rural areas. It’s called Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing. It seems the government thinks our communities aren’t racially or socially integrated enough so they are going to fix it. And if your city or community doesn’t go along, well you just lost some funding.

Are you fed up yet with this out of control government. How can our elected officials stand by and let this happen?! Sen. Casey, Sen. Toomey, are you out there? Or is it just fear? Fear of retribution from the Administration, the Attorney General, and the Washington Elites who look down their noses at us. Oh, I forgot; the government ISN’T spying on us; remember?


Gregory Weigle

South Williamsport

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom