Important election

Nov. 5, less than two months from now, is Election Day. Although 2013 is an “off” year for state and national candidates, it is definitely an important election year for taxpayers in Southern Tioga School District in both Lycoming and Tioga County municipalities. Five of the nine STSD school director positions are on this November’s ballot.

As taxpayers struggling to pay our most current school tax bills, we have the opportunity to effect serious change in the leadership of STSD. There is little doubt that STSD is mired in financial and educational difficulties. We are fortunate enough to have dedicated and experienced citizens who are willing to accept the responsibility of taking on these problems. Four of them will have their names on your ballots on November 5th; these new candidates will be listed on either one or both parties. But, to insure change, you must come out and vote for them.

Local politicians, including school board directors, have the most personal impact on local taxpayers and citizens. Local elections are often decided on a handful of votes. Taxpayers in STSD, you can make a difference; quality and affordable education should be the primary goal of all those who direct our school district. On November 5th, vote for change; vote for fiscal responsibility and quality education for our children. And, if you are not registered to vote, register now! The deadline for registering to vote in the upcoming election is October 7th.

Sharon Miller

Trout Run

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom