Misplaced burden

I would like to respond to the letter submitted by Timothy Scott Miller who stated that landlords should be held accountable for renting to individuals who allow drug activity to flourish in neighborhoods. Are you serious? It is not the job of landlords to fight crime, once again please let me reiterate, that is why our tax dollars pay the local police! I do agree that knowingly renting to drug dealers should never happen, however, as a landlord I am not in the business of micro-managing the lives of those I rent too. The rental ordinance is attempting to hold landlords responsible for the actions of their tenants. I am no more responsible for their actions then the rest of the citizens of our community. I cannot predict future behavior, nor can our police department.

If that were the case, we would live in a city with no crime. Their are laws regarding discrimination, and simply believing that someone is selling drugs in a property you own does not legally give a landlord grounds to evict them! Remember, we live in America, the land where you are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The answer to our drug problem is not to put the burden on landlords, who by the way pay a great deal of the property taxes in the city, it is to have the police get out of their cars, take pictures, be proactive, follow through, be intimidating. All those actions are legal and will drive away individuals who are breaking the law. I know, I have done it myself. Let’s also examine why are police officers are paid $32.00 an hour to drive around and pick up abandoned bicycles.

I was under the impression that we had a streets and parks department. Why are they not picking up abandoned bikes if it is such a problem in our city? Why are we utilizing the police force for this when we have such a heroin epidemic in our city? It is really time for all the citizens of this community to take a real look at what is going on with our tax dollars and the mismanagement that is occurring right under our nose. We need to make changes, now!

Rhonda Santalucia


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom