More servants

We read the article in the Aug.17th paper on “God’s Servants at Work” doing mission work in Williamsport. We just want to say that our little towns of Arnot, Blossburg and Morris Run, also, have God’s Servant’s at Work. We were told if we bought paint the “Why Not You Ministeries” would paint our house for us. We wondered if they realized what a task they were taking on.

Several from our church, The Arnot Presbyterian and a family from the Liberty Bible Church at Liberty were here and painted. They did a neat & beautiful job.

It looks great, far beyond our expectation. They are not only doing community service but have done a lot in Honduras. These people deserve a lot of credit and thanks for all the effort and hours they have given. We could never express our gratitude enough for all their hard work.

Del and Lois Kirkendall


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom