Not everything is about politics

It’s interesting how noted newspaper archivist and renowned revolutionary era historian Todd Andrlik’s recent paper on the ages of our founders can quickly be twisted into some far right wing smear campaign simply by the sighting of one of his papers on a local message board as evidenced by a recent letter to the editor.

Todd Andrlik is the author of the book “Reporting the Revolutionary War: Before It Was History, It Was News” in which he scoured thousands of periodicals of the time to give a “first hand account” of events during the American Revolution, years 1763-1783.

Mr. Andrlik also runs the historical website “Journal of the American Revolution” in which his goal is to “make history more palatable..with an eye on accuracy over legend”. His latest paper listed the ages of historic individuals at the time of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Some were quite young, like French citizen and Gen. Washington’s trusted aide Marquis de Lafayette, who was just 18 years of age. Other’s like Samuel Adams was 53 while the elder statesman Benjamin Franklin was 70.

To somehow think that an innocuous post about the ages of our founders during the signing of the Declaration of Independence is some kind of larger far right wing smear campaign is beyond delusional. Sometimes the things we read have absolutely nothing to do with the Republican/Democrat, right/left, Conservative/Liberal antagonism that some would like them to be.

Gavin T. Ferringer


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom