Every Saturday, I enjoy browsing through the religious section to find some peace, and some hope that there is still good in the world. This Saturday, however, I was treated to an offensive surprise: The article by Rev. David Letscher. Now, I understand that the Williamsport area is predominantly Christian, but this goes too far. Calling out secularism, humanism, and paganism as evils, and saying that doing good deeds deters from faith, well, it broke my heart. I am only 16, but I have been blessed with a family that has nurtured curiosity and having an open mind since we left the Catholic Church when I was 2.

Time and again, I’ve noticed two kinds of believers, whether they be Christian, Islamic, or Atheist: Those who respect others’ religions, and the arrogant who are convinced that their own faith is the only “true” one. And when the latter wonder why their attendance is dwindling, here’s some advice: Listen to yourself! Who would want to convert to a religion of bigotry, hated, stereotyping, and self-righteousness?

To those who follow this mindset, I ask you to look into your heart, find that peace of true faith, and rid yourself of the arrogance that plagues your congregation. And for those that do follow that purest of faiths, thank you, and blessed be.

Jennifer Twardowski


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom