Open Carry

After seeing a couple of stories on F/B about people over-reacting to residents openly carrying their firearms, I need to comment. First the Constitution of both the United States and the Commonwealth support the Right of its Citizens to own firearms. Pennsylvania is an “open carry” state, which means you should be able to carry a firearm openly without harassment from either citizens or police.

I fear the federal government, while teaching our children that a firearm is something to be feared, have also indoctrinated the adults to see a firearm as an enemy of a free society. It’s an idea whereas the only good person with a gun wears a uniform, not blue-jeans. The overwhelming majority of open carrying citizens are peace loving, proud patriots enjoying the freedoms this great country guarantees them.

I do not doubt that a criminal might try to open carry and break the law. BUT, I feel it would be a really big deterrent to see law abiding residents ready to defend themselves and their community from criminals instead of waiting for the police to respond. No disrespect to our police forces but they can’t always be there to thwart a crime; an armed, law abiding citizenry can support law and order also. With budget cuts a problem in every community, we seem to want to cut fire and police instead of administrators, and then there are all those pesky pensions to consume all those dollars and honor. But that’s for another time.

Gregory Weigle

South Williamsport

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom