Pools and contractors

The Memorial and East End Pools serve their respective neighborhoods. I find it hard to believe that it will cost an estimated $1.3 million dollars to repair East End and Memorial Pools. The city has a Parks and Recreation Department. I suspect that the cost would be far less if the city did its own work and did not contract it out whether it is for paving streets or repairing pools. Grant money is still tax payer money as is the money paid to contractors to do the repairs.

Reestablishing a Department to pave and maintain our streets and keep our pools and other infrastructure in good repair seems to me better handled by city workers than by contractors. After all, my tax dollars are going to the city to provide needed services. This means owning and maintaining the equipment and having the employees to do the job.

Williamsport has a shrinking tax base as reflected in my taxes going up every year. It seems to me that doing the cities work, repair and upkeep on infrastructure in house would be much cheaper after an initial outlay for all equipment purchased and employees hired to do the work than by contracting it out.

It is pretty sad that Montoursville closed its pool in Indian Park depriving many youngsters of the opportunity to swim this summer. It sounds like Williamsport is following the same trend by closing its pools.

Not every family has the money to install its own pool. The pool in the heat of summer provides the kids with an outlet for their energies and I believe cuts down on vandalism and crime. Use a neighborhood watch format to supervise the Pools and Parks. It is up to you, City Council and Mayor Campana, to do the right thing for all the people of Williamsport.

Ronald B. Collins


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom