Rise above

Recently I attended the Rise-Above event in Brandon Park, and had a great time enjoying the music and the message it was a very positive atmosphere. As I look back as a resident of Williamsport, Rise Above was a message to all who don’t want violence and crime and want to stand-up and help, it’s time to speak-out.

Be heard. I was amazed with the performance and took the Message to Heart…yes we can rise above.. If we come together as a city that cares about our residents young and old. We have to make a choice. Stand up and save a city and ourselves or let drugs and violence destroy a great city. Make a change.

We as residents can’t rely on just the police to stop crime. We as citizens have to come together and help combat and take charge to end drugs and violence We as residents have to show that we care about what happens in our community. Lead by example before it’s too late. We as a city can rise above.

Larry Manson


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom