Senior services

Senior transportation is a valuable and needed service and drivers are very courteous – however, some drive too wildly to suit a lot of people, even if the service provided is sent off to another company to deliver it – those drivers are very nice, but drives way too fast and get on people’s nerves and it could cause an accident.

The Beltway and I-80, four lane divided highways were posted at 55 most of the time, unless changed to 65 MPH. However, any vehicle traveling at 70 MPH is totally unacceptable and outrageous and dangerous. In good weather or foggy weather, they should slow down to 55 MPH, end of story. The citizens are very tired of this behavior. I do not care if the I-80 was designed for 65 to 70 MPH. What are they trying to do here? Kill us all?

All I see on TV is head-ons at I-80 intersections. This past week it was on TV where two tractor trailers and two vans hit head on.

One of these days their services may cease due to a lawsuit if an accident happens.

What this town needs is another transportation service to create competition and better safer services. That we all pay for and expect and deserve!

Stephanie Crayton