Singing a different tune

As President Obama prepares to press ahead with an attack on Syria, one can’t help being reminded of then-Senator Obama’s criticism of then-President Bush ‘s threat to do the same to Iran. Then-Senator Biden threatened to push for impeachment if Bush went through with the invasion. Now, he, too, sings a different tune.

They both say the chief executive has the power to take such action without congress’ O.K. if there is an imminent threat to our national security. Good luck trying to prove that, Mr. President. I believe in helping freedom fighters. I only wish the administration had made this decision back at the beginning, when things were a little more clearly defined and there was still a reasonable amount of Pro-Western, pro-American sentiment among the rebels. By now, with the influx of Al Qaeda and other Anti-Western factions, it will be somewhat difficult to sort out just whom we should support.

WMD’s are an abomination that must be stopped. I wonder how Assad got his hands on them in the first place? I recall 10 years ago Hans Blix and his U.N. inspectors were scouring the Iraqi countryside for such weapons as these, and surveillance teams observed large trucks carrying something across the Syrian border. Right about now former President Bush is mulling over a famous line of former President Clinton’s: “I feel thoroughly vindicated.”

Ken Robertson