Tail wagging dog

Where to begin? With what will be determined as the most corrupt administration in American history, it is hard to find an appropriate starting point. The massacre at Benghazi? The spying on American citizens by the NSA? The discrimination and singling out of conservative groups by the IRS? The photographing of every single piece of mail by the USPS? The eavesdropping on every phone call, every text message, and all internet activity against the same American citizens?

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the tragedy and slaughter at Fort Hood and the further demeaning of the hero victims who can’t get Purple Hearts and full medical benefits because Obama refuses to label Fort Hood a terror attack.

Regarding Benghazi, I watched an interview with Greg Hicks, one of the under secretaries in Benghazi. He detailed when after the attack started, he continued contacting the State Department every 15 to 20 minutes asking where the help was! He detailed how they fought and continued to search for safe cover for eight hours. He said that Ty Woods and the other dead SEAL died eight hours after the initial battle and fully believed had help arrived they would have been saved.

As for the IRS Debacle, the NSA spying and the other scandals being perpetrated by this administration, I believe the hysteria over Syria is being ramped up by the administration to cover up these scandals. There seems to be growing evidence that the people Obama wants to help may have done the gassing. I guess the other 1 million civilians who died didn’t matter as much as the recent gas attack victims.

President Obama couldn’t jump into the fray fast enough to help his Harvard buddy by saying Cops acted stupidly and jumped in with both feet regarding the Zimmerman case in Florida but the silence is deafening from the administration over the racial beating on the school bus in Florida, the racist beating and murder of the 88-year-old World War II vet in Seattle, the racist murder of the Australian college student in Oklahoma and the kidnapping rape and murder of the 12-year-old girl in New Jersey!

In closing, I almost forget the president’s recent $100 million dollar tour with a cast of thousands at taxpayer expense. President George W. Bush used to be skewered by the press for riding on his daddy’s speed boat in Kennebunkport or clearing brush on his Texas ranch.

Michael Goehrig