Thank them

I have just read about the sense-less beating death of an 88-year-old WWII veteran. In addition to that horrible act, let me tell you what pushed me to write my first letter to the editor. About three weeks ago, I had a doctor’s appointment. While waiting for my appointment I started a conversation with an elderly gentleman, who happened to tell me that he was 90 years old and a veteran of the European front in WWII.

He told me that he has owned his own home in the area for over 40 years, recently new neighbors moved next door. They got in some kind of a dispute over parking space, in the process The neighbors told this hero, he should have died in the war.

When did it come to this; do we not know why we as Americans have the freedoms we have? Do we not know what our military has done for us and the freedoms they have helped us keep. We should thank our soliders every day for what they have done, many have lost their lives. Do we not see all the wounded heros on our TV sets coming back from war.

How could you watch the young soldier blinded in Iraq, with his little daughter helping him walk, he puts his hands on her shoulders and she leads around? It breaks my heart. We need to do everything we can to help our soldiers.

We need to thank them for their service every time we see one, not beat them to death, or wish they had died in the war. As a proud American, I’m ashamed of some of my fellow Americans.

Janice Goodman


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom