The Farmhouse

The ancient farmhouse was a part of the history of the small town of Muncy. Sure there was some work that could be done to the place, and sure nobody had really up kept the property for many years, but for people to just come in and deconstruct the house and barn was shocking to everybody. I have driven past that property every day for the past 15 years, but now this landmark is gone.

For a while, everybody who heard what was going to happen to this Muncy landscape just thought of it as a myth. People thought that something like this would never happen, but it has. No doubt a hundred years ago when the property was bought and a house and barn built on the outskirts of Muncy, it was in nobody’s aspirations for the property to be bought and leased off section by section.

Within a year of purchase, the house was demolished and the grassland on the hill that once was roamed by cattle from the farm would be forged into flat ground, shopping area. Soon there would be a CVS opening, a Sheetz, as well as two more empty plots of land to “build up.” Some people felt it was imperative that this “land grab” be stopped, but others knew the “redevelopment” was only going to get worse. Eventually, no one will know that under the CVS store there was once a farmhouse, a barn, and cows that once roamed there.

Jacob Dgien


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom