The glass is half full

The glass is half empty. No, the glass is half full. Humans are a curious thing. When given facts there are some that will question even the most irrefutable of facts. If one is on a true factfinding quest, then that is a good thing.

Unfortunately, there are very curious people who enjoy trying to negate facts with their own uneducated opinions. I am convinced that these people believe they are privy to all known facts, but many times they know just enough to be dangerous.

I refer to the negativity aimed at the articles the Sun-Gazette has printed regarding the Marcellus Shale Industry. There are some negative aspects of harvesting natural gas in our area and then there are the vast positives. Understandably, when the Marcellus find was in its infancy there were a few growing pains. Along the way, companies in all phases of production have learned and been guided by the DEP, EPA, local Sanitary Authority, etc., to be more environmentally responsible and to address all negative aspects.

Pollution of our waterways and drinking water has been on the forefront of the news locally since it is needed for the hydro fracturing process. So when companies endeavor to responsibly conserve the clean frac water, why are the critics so hard on them?

Have these curious people spoken with the DEP, EPA, the engineers, chemists, scientists and others who have been developing the clean water process? Do they understand the human resources, time and money that has been ongoing to make sure that our next generation has clean water? Have they watched the process to see how effective it is and how it continues to improve?

My guess is the curious people just keep driving their automobiles, turning on their lights and watching their televisions and then complain about the industry which is fueling their way of life.

I suppose they are content to continue purchasing expensive fuel from a hateful, volatile area of the world. I’m sure they enjoy paying exorbitant prices for their gas and electric while continuing to pollute our air.

Since the Marcellus has now been recognized as the largest natural gas find in the world, we have the capability to be energy independent as a nation. Our produced energy will be the cleanest in the world. When pipe lines are completed, we will fill our gas tank for half the money and emit a fraction of the pollutants. Production in the Marcellus has generated many jobs. Marcellus leases have made many families financially independent.

Exploration of the Marcellus has infused million of dollars to our local economy! Our local economy has not felt the full effects of this last big recession.

And there is more good news, but I challenge the curious people to do some actual fact finding and find out how the Marcellus water cleaners are not only saving their environment and way of life, but are going to make their roads safer in the winter.

Chris Ertel