The real problem

As I ride through my blue collar neighborhoods, I beep at lots of people between High street, 4th, Hepburn and Newberry , I know a lot of people who live there. We have 50- plus policemen. I suggest these police get out of their cars and get to know their blocks. Assign a block or 2 to each cop.

Knowing who is good and trouble would stop profiling. And eliminate fear. I am in Williamsport everyday for 20 years in these working-class neighborhoods and my perception is a lot different because I know my neighbors. Looks can be deceiving. Our job should be to bring up our property values in these tradesman blocks.

Cross High street and property values plummet by $20,000. Silly? Registering good people will not solve this.

Mim Logue

South Williamsport

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom