A preventable problem

News flash on Alzheimer’s disease causes: too much copper in food and water!

1. Copper comes from copper pipes in homes – get a Brita water pitcher and change filters as directed.

2. Too much shellfish and oysters in the diet.

3. Too many vitamins as copper is in vitamins unless you take specific vitamin types.

4. Way too much chocolate in the diet. You only need 2 squares of dark chocolate a day to expand blood vessels to help stop strokes, etc.

Copper causes clumps of metal to cross blood and brain barriers and clog pathways and brain neurons so information cannot be passed on.

It causes forgetfulness and eventually death.

This information was given as a result of studies by Alzheimer’s Foundation.

This is a preventable problem.

By the way, look at all the old worn out water mains in streets and lines to homes.

Water should and is replacing its lines in streets.

Stephanie Crayton

South Williamsport