Absolutely correct

God bless Weldon Cohick. He is absolutely correct. What we need is justice in this state by start featuring (in public) all criminals, jail time and run out of town on a rail and dumped into the river to drown. We citizens are sick and tired of this liberal idiotic attitude. Follow Ten Commandments! Read Ten Commandments! Practice Ten Commandments!

You cannot make a horse drink water, even though you drag him to the creek. It’s the same with drug addicts and pushers, murderers, etc. A criminal is a criminal is a criminal.

I have no pity for anyone who invades homes, robs, kills or animal tortures or liars or trouble makers. We have to put an abrupt end to this nonsense.

Williamsport used to be a nice, good, clean town, but used to died a long time ago and no one is citizen or man enough to fix it. I’m so disgusted, I could cry.

Stephanie Crayton

South Williamsport