I was amazed by the editorial on 13 October that stated that President Obama was responsible for the closing of various monuments and parks. While I understand that ideology frequently clouds the mind with a veil of ignorance, I fail to understand how the Sun-Gazette could not know that it was the votes of GOP House members that closed the government and many of its services.

The hypocrisy of GOP House members in their attempt to “liberate” various monuments is understandable as an attempt to score ideological points. The failure of the editorial page to report correctly the facts of this situation is tragic and perpetuates a serious misrepresentation of the political reality.

Thomas A. Shannon

Eagles Mere

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The temporary shutdown brought on by House funding resistance closed 17 percent of the government. Some decisions on what was actually shut down were made by others, including those involving the national parks and monuments.)