Answers, please

To President Obama, Democrats, Republicans, anyone who can answer:

Why won’t we secure our borders, yet we chose to close the National Park in Washington D.C.?

To those who wish to visit, is it for our Safety? I don’t know, I just attended a military reunion in the D.C. area in September following the Naval shipyard shooting, and while security was heightened, nothing we wanted to see was shut down.. Is it major construction that has closed the World War II Memorial from its soldiers who sacrificed so much?

Fences on our border don’t seem to work (and I might say without much consequences) yet we are trying mightily to keep veterans from walking in and on our National Park! Is it Lunacy!

Does anyone believe that in the ranks of these brave men, there are only members of one political party? If these brave soldiers who made this trip, (one only knows if it is their first or last) should pass without seeing the memorial to their heroic efforts, would anyone/someone in Washington care?

Would it be a major news story? I doubt it!

I would hope and pray some park officer doesn’t have to turn away his or her grandfather, who’s only crime would be to walk around a memorial that has so much meaning to them!

Rich Vacula


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