I am appalled at the condition of Williamsport and its lousy, moronic drug users, pushing, etc. I’m disgusted with Williamsport for letting these people come here for treatment as everyone knows. The pushers follow the users and cause terror and crime. The ex-moronic mayor of years ago is guilty of bringing this on the city and area.

Now South Williamsport was robbed and scared. And for what? Drug users want money to buy more! They all should be put on a boat and sunk in the ocean for stupidity and crimes.

Another item in your town, no proper dentists and loss of stores and goods over the last 30 years. It’s a dead town. And we all know it.

The whole word is crazy on drugs and crime also; no morals, no conscience and stupid as all get out! Can’t spell either!

There are so many users and pushers, it’s like fleas on a dog.

Clean that town up or else. We decent people want these morons out of here and that is that!

Stephanie Crayton

South Williamsport