Boosting military

To our military, to be read as Gunnery Sargent R. Lee Ermey would speak it:

I am a Citizen of the United States of America and this is my military. From its founding as the Continental Marines in 1775, my military has been proven to be a force for peace in this world. Through many uprisings, invasions, conflicts and world wars my military has proven itself time after time; until recently.

Recently there has been an infection creeping into our Glorious Military, into the very fabric of combat readiness and discipline. This disease is called “social engineering” or “fairness”. It was brought on by the lack of respect for my Military from the very top of the command chain. This so-called Commander-in-Chief has displayed his disdain for our Wonderful Military from the beginning of his rule. His social engineering of our military has infected it with the virus of political correctness and a discord among the ranks.

And who will stand for our Fighting Heroes? Will career officers who value their retirement more than their “Oath to Defend and Protect the Constitution”? Have they grown so soft as to put the lives of our Fighting Heroes in harm’s way only to turn their back on them in violation of “leave no man behind” and to watch our Brave Fighters be tortured on television screens around the world and do nothing?

I do not and will not condone violence against my fellow citizens even if they are politicians who harbor ill to this great country to make it in “their image”. They were duly voted in by a growing dependency class who do not appreciate the honor of being a United States citizen. Our founders were ready to sacrifice,”…their lives, their fortunes, their Sacred Honor…” to make this country what it once was.

I would like to see our military, once more, be “The Military”, not just another political arm of the government. There is much to lose, but imagine what we will gain. Honor, Integrity, Respect.

Gregory Weigle

South Williamsport

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom