Changing the wrong path

This letter is in response to the meeting last month by the heroin task force. Heroin addiction is far from being a new problem. Treatment centers and educating the public has proved to have little effect. Still heroin use increases in our community.

Everyday heroin addicts and dealers appear in the courtroom. Why is this?

Heroin controls individuals. Dealers are motivated by making money. Heroin is a lucrative illegal business. When a dealer can make as much as 20,000 dollars a month there is little motivation for them to stop.

An individual sentenced by the Lycoming county court to 12 months probation and 100 hours community service for possession with intent to deliver will go back to dealing.

Every week someone is arrested for possession with intent to deliver. This is like trying to treat an infection with a band aid. The infection does not go away.

Success can only be achieved through harsher laws. Lets rid the streets of those not fit for society. Every life lost from heroin addiction should be viewed as a failure in our judicial system.

Too many young children are going down the wrong path.

Stephen Mariano


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom