Imagine my concern when I received a mailing titled attention Montoursville residents! What could be so bad that this bold missive was sent to all community members?

As I started to read it it seemed to be a campaign flyer from councilman Holt but he isn’t running for anything. I read furthur to discover that he is casting himself as an outsider wanting to change Montoursville. How can that be since he has been a borough employee or elected officer for years?

I would say Montoursville is a thriving, healthy, strong community. Council has been wise enough to use our assets to repair our wells and infrastructure. This would have needed to be done soon,either with our tax dollars or by using our water money. I am grateful that we had an asset to use to make these necessary repairs instead of raising taxes since many residents would have a difficult time paying any increase right now.

This type of political ad is the very reason people dislike politicians. It accomplishes nothing positive and insults hard working, decent people who volunteer their time and sacrifice their private lives to better communities. It is also unnecessary in a great place like Montoursville.

Good news! Both John Dorin and Kim DiRocco would be good mayors. They both love this community, both wish to just do their best to improve things here. They are hard working, dependable and trustworthy. We do not need to have the negative political stuff here because what we should do is utilize both candidates’ time and talents whether as mayor or in some other way. We do not need to insult or destroy decent, kind people to achieve that.

Thank you to all the candidates willing to run and serve their communities! I hope your opponents focus on issues and respect your sacrifices and keep these races classy and dignified.

Deb Brown


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom


As a single parent, I am very concerned about our disfunctional greedy politicians defunding the program set up for Women, Infants, and Children. It seems they are mostly about guns and being reelected and nothing about Women or Children from their track record in office.

Lorina Ebner Brown


Submitted by E-Mail