Dependence, self-esteem

One of the first theories I was introduced to in social-psychology was Maslow’s hierarchy of needs which forms a pyramid which base represents the most basic of needs for physical survival: Food and shelter. Once the base is secure one’s safety is the next concern followed closely by love and longing to belong. Which then leads to self-esteem which peaks at self-actualization? In an individualistic society attainment of actualization and self-confidence is an earned attribute which often leads to the benefit of others. In a collectivist society self confidence is a misnomer in that there is little pride in achievement. Dependence on government (the antithesis of Maslow’s theory) and not one’s self can never lead to self actualization. Dependence solely on government results in tyranny and deprives us of those attributes that make each of us unique. Dependence on government alone results in a majority of sheep supporting the dictates of tyrants corrupted by the power we allow them.

Jude Richardson

Cogan Station

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom