Here in Pennsylvania and in the whole USA, it is down-right disgusting and impossible for any normal minded person, to grasp how unbelievable and incomprehensible our uncivilized laws are, that govern the hundreds of home invasions that are happening here in Pennsylvania and other states in America.

Our President, Senate, House of Representatives and the power of governorship in all 50 states of our union, has and practices the power invested in them, for the protection and safety of its citizens. Without it, we would have nothing. Methodically, this is no longer happening.

Every arm of the law is taught to be so just, equitable and ruled by what is right and blameless, so the lawmakers think. In truth many of these laws are far from being Godly, pious and guiltless. These perpetrators who prey on helpless individuals such as the elderly, should pay the ultimate price for invading the privacy of anyone’s home or residence, and it should be classified in the same category as attempted murder. These gutless and uncaring perpetrators are preying on those who live in rural areas, because they lack quick response from police protection.

The only protection left for these rural individuals is certainly not the law or policemen. It is strictly up to self-defense by the intended victim. Without it, one will become a permanent statistic. For too long our laws have favored the criminals and put the responsibility on the shoulders of the victims.

When any law is reversed in favor of a homeowner, long overdo, it brings to light something that has been ignored for a long time. This is not something that we as Americans are one bit proud of. We should be ashamed that we allowed this recent home invasion to take place in the little settlement of Liberty in southern Tioga County just across the Lycoming County Line. Words cannot explain why this violent act against two helpless senior citizens in their 80’s had to happen. It deprived both of them of a pleasant and happy ending, too what should have been a productive and joyous life.

It’s time to turn plea agreements and life sentences without parole into death sentences, and give up the imagery that we convey to the world, that we are the world’s leader when it comes to being so Godly, pious and guiltless.

Weldon C. Cohick Jr.