Disturbing incident at parade

Kudos to the organizers and participants of this year’s Mummer’s Parade on Saturday, October 19, 2013. Even with the inclement weather, the parade was a pleasure to watch. The costumed marchers were very imaginative, the floats were well designed, and the bands were phenomenal as usual. My 93 year old mother and my husband and I had a great time, until we had to leave during the seventh division due to the hard rain.

However, there was one incident that disturbed us (husband and me). During a brief stop in front of us, just before the turn from Clark Street onto West Southern Avenue, the Muncy band was playing and the cheerleaders were performing. When the girls propelled their teammate into the air and subsequently caught her, we could envision the injury that could have occurred if one of them had slipped on the wet street and she had been dropped.

A hard, somewhat rain-slick macadam/asphalt street does not seem to be the best place for a flying stunt. While we realize that stunting has become a regular part of cheer leading, we feel that certain moves should likely be confined to a more safe venue. Perhaps this might be reconsidered in the future for the welfare of the cheer squad. I’m sure no one would like to see the girls have to live with the knowledge they caused even a temporary injury to a teammate, let alone a possibly permanent disability.

Sandra Grafius

South Williamsport

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom