Enforce fire ordinance

I have lived across from Brandon Park for over 20 years. I love quiet of the park at night and enjoy the cool night air that comes through the trees. In the past two years, people have moved into the community that have made these things impossible to enjoy.

As soon as dusk arrives, they light their fire pits and burn until midnight or so. They have made it impossible to enjoy a time when the windows should be open and people should be able to sit outside on their porches.

Although I realize that they want the sensations of a river lot, I don’t think that they realize how intrusive this is to neighbors when houses are spaced 5 feet apart. A recent weekend was glorious with the changing fall colors and cool air, but every night, Friday through Sunday, I had to shut myself in my house because of the obnoxious smoke.

What I don’t understand is why the City of Williamsport has a burning ordinance that is not enforced.

I have contacted the authorities before and have received a copy of the ordinance stating that fires must be 15 feet from any neighboring property and not close to anything burnable such as bushes, trees, fences or sheds.

This obviously restricts fires in close neighborhoods. But, there is still no intervention by the city to stop the nightly burning ritual. Talking to the neighbors does not work because they consider it their “right” to burn.

Please, city officials, take some responsibility and enforce your fire ordinance for the safety of the properties and for the sake of the community residents who still enjoy living here.

Pat Palmer


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom