Hats off to mayor

Hats off to you, Mayor Campana! Those fighting the tenant/landlord bill would bring to me to me they are hiding something. Why don’t they want this in effect?

Take for instance how nice Park Avenue is looking, then you get to the end by Trimley Park and Center and you really need a demolition ball taken there. Best part that a landlord drives up in a $60,000-plus sports car. Smack in the face when the toilet isn’t working.

Acts like he’s getting a piece of the pie. What skeletons are you gonna find in his closets?

As for more foot personnel, why? It’s not gonna help if you, Jon Gerardi, keep working with the same old same olds. They are working with you, they only do enough to get you off their backs.

Enough is enough. Hand out those fines, that will do it. They won’t have fat pockets anymore. Hand them out, wake up Williamsport. We’re losing.

Chester Moore