High cost of higher education

At 79 I have experienced education as a student at many levels. I have also taught in this country at all levels; I also experienced teaching in several countries in Europe. First in this country the cost is tied directly to the wants of the students. As a result of their wants we have excess graduates who are not employed in their wants. What does this mean; their wants generate a need for additional faculty, classroom space and living accommodations. Thus we have duplication of majors in many American universities and colleges. Of course we must consider college and universities desires to not get ahead of me in the number of majors offered.

I will not point out excess majors; I’m sure you can guess. Experiencing higher education in countries of Europe; the number of majors are controlled by the number needed to replace retiring citizens and a very small number for new positions. In Europe if the quota is 25 in a major they will not take 26 or 30. This insures graduates a position in their major. Here in the USA we have not learned this approach to higher education after high school. Therefore we live with excesses.

John T. Kovich


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom