I am concerned

I’m concerned because the authorities can now walk up to me, arrest me, and put me in prison for no reason at all; never to see my family or friends again. That’s with no charges or trial, and no prayer blanket, Bible, or ethnic German food.

I’m concerned because our president has seemingly declared war on the citizens and military of this great country because he can’t have his own way.

I’m also concerned that the Park Rangers have blindly followed their superiors’ orders to carry out unconstitutional treatment to hurt American veterans and Americans on vacation.

I’m concerned because our southern border has been ordered to be left open as our enemies have come into our country to possibly make war against the citizenry in order to set up the Caliphate. We know there are sleeper cells in the country; and as our country becomes more and more fed up with the government, will they then take the opportunity to strike.

Some will undoubtedly call this paranoia. That would be so easy but I could just as easily call your response naivete. Regardless, bad times are coming and I pray for safety for all. It has turned into a very dangerous time in the U.S.

Gregory Weigle

South Williamsport

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom