Ideological hogwash

Poor Mr. Underwood is at it again. This time it is his feeble attempt to classify certain people in society as to having a dependent nature, which gives a rise in socialize medicine, unions and other socialist ideals.

Human beings have a dependent nature starting with birth. Early man congregated in groups for support, protection, survival. That is a dependent nature. We marry and have families.

We form interconnectedness with other human beings because we are dependent on other human beings. We don’t isolate ourselves from one another and do everything just for ourselves. Employers are dependent on customers and employees and resources and government. Without any one of them they would not be an employer.

This ideal that people are totally independent is a fantasy. The notion that free markets will make one independent and self reliant is another false claim. Without other human beings supporting your efforts you have nothing. You cannot make something out of thin air as the saying goes and neither can one be totally independent in human nature.

Charles M. Reeder


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom