Impasse resolved

This summer, the Montoursville Borough Council and the Montoursville businesses were at an impasse. The beautiful streetscape on along Broad Street was deteriorating. Most business owners were of the opinion the borough was responsible for maintenance. In the borough council’s opinion, the borough’s responsibility was quite limited. As a result, the streetscape was beginning to look rather poorly – almost abandoned.

Mayor John Dorin stepped up with an innovative plan which would benefit both the council, business owners, and anyone visiting Broad Street. Knowing the Rotary Club of Montoursville was looking for service projects, Mayor Dorin proposed that the club clean up the streetscape in service of the community.

The Rotary Club accepted John’s proposal. Late this summer, Rotarians headed to Broad Street to pull weeds, and in general, clean the downtown area. Rotary Member Rosemary Holmes made garlands, which are currently hanging on the lamp posts. Broad Street in Montoursville is a nicer place to visit and shop.

Thomas D. Inman


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom