Kudos to the many law enforcement agencies which, working together, were able to apprehend both recently escaped fugitives in very challenging conditions. I am indeed thankful for their diligent efforts, and know that many others are.

I write to set the record straight on one point in the article, in which Sheriff Lusk was quoted as saying that Lycoming is larger than the states of Rhode Island and Delaware. As a native Delawarean, I am known from time to time to take a certain amount of pride in my home state, which is tiny. It is said that the nickname “The Diamond State” was coined by Thomas Jefferson, because he felt that Delaware was small, but precious.

Alas, however, I must point out that the quote is incorrect. Lycoming County, at approximately 1,244 square miles, is larger than Rhode Island, which covers only approximately 1,212 square miles. Delaware, however, is substantially larger approximately 1.954 square miles.

Clearly, that doesn’t diminish anything about the efforts our law enforcement community put forth. But I couldn’t resist taking the opportunity to tell a bit about our neighboring state, and my home state, of Delaware. One more bit of trivia. Both Delaware and Pennsylvania have the same “state drink.” Milk.

Fred A. Holland


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom