Misuse of the Bible

As I read the opinion column the other day, I found it interesting how a man misused the Holy Bible. I myself try not to measure a man by his political party but rather his character and intellect.

I realize that a lot people seem to be birthed into a particular party’s ideology and lack the open mind and intellect to think for themselves. He can only think Democrats\ Republican, this poor soul tried to use the scriptures to measure which party is nearer to the Christian faith.

The man used the elasticity of the scriptures [to stretch to cover his ideology] to quote out of context Mathew 22:39 and Matt. 25:34-36 these verse do not say go forth and steal from your neighbor and give to the ones that wish not to work so you can feel better about yourself.

That is Carl Marx’s philosophy. People seem to be mixing up Marx and the scriptures. These are scriptures for the Christians personally; he that has an ear let him hear.

I do encourage this man to keep reading the Bible but try to find out try how it can change your life not to use it as a lever to make a point. Start with Rom.12:2 about renewing your mind and then read, John 3:1-29 and dwell on it, Thessalonians 3:10 for those who try to show up at the gates of heaven with only their resume of good works, to present as their ticket, are going to be found lacking. Don’t get me wrong it is good to do good works, but not this Robin Hood fixation that liberal people seem to be mired in.

God does not have a good debits balances bad debits system. If you wish to measure the Republican Party with the Bible as your measuring stick, use the same standard to measure the Democrat party.

Let’s look at the Republicans I.R.S tax form that was given by Republican versus Democrats giving to charities. I’m sure that would be an eye opener for you, knowing that you wish not to be confused by facts.

How about moral turpitude, how well does the democrats do there. I know I picked a couple of bad ones. I am not a republican or democrat or an independent. I am a God fearing born again spirit filled, free thinking American.

America has the best heath care in the world no country with socialized medicine can measure up to our standard. Try to understand what this shut down is all about.

The Congress and Senate are exempt from Obama care ask yourself this, if it is such a wonderful thing why don’t they want it.

What happened to the government by the people for the people?

Get informed think outside the box that a political party puts you in; these parties are not the party of your grandfather.

Ron Dudley


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom