Neighborhood Watches are offended after 2 City Councilmen are trying to interfere with Neighborhood Watches when they have no clue about the watches. Watches are doing fine and more citizens are becoming involved because they are tired of the drugs and shootings in their neighborhoods.

Council President Bill Hall and Council Vice President Jonathan Williamson published an article about Neighborhood Watches needing their help. I am here to tell you that the watches are doing fine and need no help from them.

District Attorney Eric Linhardt wants to put T-Shirts or vests on the watch people and council members want badges and these are bad ideas. These ideas could cause considerable damage.

None of these people have attended any of our meetings and if they had we talk about all Watches being the eyes and ears of the neighborhoods. Quite some time ago Walkie Talkies were also used and that didn’t work.

These men have not been aware of just what training we do give and what is discussed in our meetings.

In Williamsport there are 16 neighborhood watches and they are growing with 4 new ones in the past 2 months. Citizens are tired of drug dealers and users in our community and we are trying to help the police with information that we are collecting.

Council President Bill Hall and Council Vice President Jonathan Williamson need to attend Neighborhood Watch Meetings and they will see how well things are running.

The money that the councilmen want to help the watches out should go to Mayor Campana so more of Williamsport could have additional lighting.

We are trying our best to be vigilant yet doing whatever we possibly can to help the police to send a message to the dealers and users they need to move out of Williamsport because they are not welcome in our community.

Sally L Wiegand


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom