PennDOT arrogance

When I worked for a paving contractor on a four-lane highway we had to keep one of the two lanes open. Not now. PennDOT closes both lanes requiring a detour such as the one on the Loyalsock bridge and a traffic jam in Muncy and Montoursville. Unnecessary .

In the 1960s PennDOT did a major road widening at North Bend. The contractor had to open it for five minutes every 30 minutes on a regular schedule for motorists from Renovo going to Lock Haven and reverse. It worked fine although I did not know the schedule and had to wait. A few years ago, they did the same type of work several miles west of Lock Haven. They closed the highway, thereby causing a 40- mile detour each day for Lock Haven-bound commuters that went on for months, creating extra driving that, at today’s car costs, was at least $300 a month. Unnecessary

Our state police when a truck accident happens closes the road until the last trailer is hauled away. The Sun-Gazette has reported closures of 6 to 8 hours. Do as the railroads do. Get a bulldozer immediately to shove the trucks onto the shoulder for later removal and reopen the road within 60-90 minutes.

Thomas T. Taber


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom