Presto Chango

A slippery stage has been somberly set and curtains of continued calamity oppressingly opened for act two as “the great Obama,” predictably prepares tacklessly turning tricks, reclaiming and resurrecting some of the most misgiving magic ever witnessed before our very eyes.

With adverse Aces up his sleeve and down the other, the Mandrake of mandates reveals a reckless repertoires of smoke and mirrors, partisan parlor tricks and political prestidigitation, promising a real show stopper for young and old alike.

Amplified abracadabra’s and alakazam’s, acutely abound as a socialistic sleight of hand politically pulls a battalion of bureaucratic bunnies from his high hat of hierarchy, hazardly hopping smack in the lap of our nation’s livelihood with heavy handed hallmarks of hocus pocus.

Masterfully mesmerizing, the Houdini of havoc, progressively plays to auto suggestive audiences, insistently inciting ideological incantations, levitating liberals to heavenly heights with bold bibbidi bobbidy boo’s, swiftly to ensue.

Misrepresented minds are methodically massaged as the Svengali of socialism disappears and reappears from behind closed doors of deception, dominantly dealing his not so stacked deck, breaking the rules to change the rules.

Jaw dropping, decried democracy takes center stage as Obama, prominent practitioner of escapology, effectively escapes from the revered restraints of America’s constitutional confines, democratically defying the low of our land.

Seemingly surreal, measurable madness manage to mount, Obama’s squeaks and squawks sternly stiffen as his signature illusion, “Obama Care” is carelessly called forth with cunning collision, tragically tricking one’s taxes to tower, trumping told truth of transparency, triumphant ta-da’s, destined to deceive.

Sim-sala-bim, now you see it, no you don’t, hope and change verifiably, visibly vanish into thin air, jobs forcibly float far away from body view and our sovereign society is selectively sawed in half.

And you thought a good magician never reveals his tricks.

Jeff Auge