Rental properties

I really don’t care if we renters have to register or not. What I really care about is that landlords who are willing to rent to people from other states, groups of people, people that don’t pass criminal checks, or they allow squatters to live with them once they get the place.

A 62-year-old single woman, who has letters of appraisal from former landlord, does not have wild parties, is not destructive, she has more respect for others belongings than her own. She pays the rent on time and keeps the inside and outside of her home immaculate.

So where is the problem? I have gone around to look at the rentals that you denied me to due to age and the 8-pound service dog. Much to my surprise I see filth, trash, broken items on the porch and in the yard. I also read the newspaper police blotter and often see your rental addresses having to be visited by the police. So what really is so bad about renting to an elderly person with a service dog? You are discriminating against us and I need to know why. Hopefully, one of you will answer this question.

Felice M. Haefner


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom