I was saddened to read in this morning’s paper that some in Newberry are upset with the train whistlers. To me, they are a most comforting sound and I can hear them near the Pajama Factory.

Years ago, my father worked in the Newberry yards for the Reading Railroad. Sadly he worked a swing shift, so as a child I didn’t always see him. None the less, his job on the railroad brings many fond memories. My dad has been gone over half of my life. I miss him.

My mother passed away three years ago. The day of her funeral during the service, a train whistle from the Newberry yards blew almost the entire time we were at Wildwood Cemetery. It was as if Daddy was welcoming her into heaven and thanking us for allowing her to join him at last. They truly loved each other through the good times and the bad. It was a real blessing to hear that train whistle!

Folks need to be thankful they are not living in a drug neighborhood, or one with constant domestic problems, or even near the Pajama Factory where loud music or lack of parking for neighbors for their own homes create problems.

A train whistle is nothing compared to a lot of things going on in this city.

Helen Riggle