Sen. Toomey off base

I am responding to an opinion piece in your paper on September 7, 2013, regarding Senator Toomey’s comments at a Town Hall meeting. A Danville resident told Senator Toomey that a job paying only $9 or $10 an hour can’t sustain a family.

According to the article, ” (Senator Toomey] pointed out that jobs aren’t as plentiful because many companies are taking them overseas.” Unfortunately, what Senator Toomey did not tell the town hall crowd is that he filibustered the one bill within his grasp to get jobs back to the US and prevent them from leaving again.

He filibustered “The Bring Jobs Home Act.” This bill was intended to stop tax deductions for the expense a business incurs when it outsources its work overseas. Additionally, this bill not only punished corporations for moving jobs overseas but also incentivized moving jobs back to the US. The bill would have permitted the deduction for any business expenses incurred from the cost of relocating jobs back to the United States.

I agree with one statement in this Sun-Gazette opinion piece. “It’s time that Americans who know better stand up with political courage and talk honestly about what’s needed to get this country’s economic model back where it’s supposed to be without fear of political consequence.”

I wish Sen. Toomey was one of those Americans.

John A. Mussare

Chairman, Lycoming County

Democratic Committee

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom