Something shiny

So, President Obama has sent a team to capture an alleged terrorist from the Clinton era, Abu Anas al-Libi, who has been “at large” since 1998. One has to wonder why now? Why suddenly grab a suspect who has been living openly in Tripoli for the last two years when the Benghazi attackers, also wanted, have been freely walking around Libya and one of them, Ahmed Abu Khattala, even giving TV interviews?

It’s simple really. Barack Obama is desperate. He tried to panic the populace over the minuscule sequester spending cuts and that failed. So far, his panic mongering over the government shutdown is a yawner even though he’s acting like a petulant little boy by closing open air park sites and shutting down the national zoo’s ” panda cam”, trying once again to inflict maximum pain and inconvenience in another fit of pique.

He’s even going to enforce Miranda rights on al-Libi, a non- U. S. citizen, so he can be kept quiet in case there is ever a trial. He certainly can’t let any of the Benghazi suspects talk openly if they’re captured because that would destroy his carefully crafted web of lies. So this latest incursion is simply something shiny to dangle in front of the uninformed, the easily swayed, and of course the fawning media lapdogs who can’t bring themselves to admit that Obama is little more than an empty suit, an inexperienced schoolchild wearing daddy’s clothes and sitting at daddy’s desk but having no idea what to do except blame someone else and hide when things go against him. If there were someone more qualified available, I’d say impeach him now, but the next guy in line is no better. Rome is burning, people – it’s time to change emperors.

Jon Smith


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom