Tea Party analysis

I think I’ve figured out the Teapublicans. Humorously, it doesn’t take an advanced degree in psycho-analysis. It takes the intellect of a person who sees a street-corner preacher that sells balloon animals, yet has insight into a guaranteed million-dollar dividend, to realize they’re being conned.

But hey, America’s billionaires have the same political interests as the down-home-cookin’ folk. Sounds like a great deal, right? Yeah, just like that 1991 Civic you paid twenty-grand for is a good deal.

Tea Partiers aren’t staunch believers in our founding principles. I mean they’ve proven that with their antipathy toward that “All men are created equal” thing. They seem to think the words Christian, straight, not from the East coast, not from the West coast, not from Chicago, not a college-student, not a woman, and exclusively watches Fox News, were inserted between the words “All” and “men”.

Let’s go through the list of GOP heartthrobs. First, Dr. Ben Carson. One day he’s a presidential candidate. He’s a verified loon who no rational person would ever trust with a routine physical, because he thinks the Earth is 6,000 years old. Rick Santorum, a man who believes kids can receive a valuable education just as long as it’s not from a university that teaches science. Ted Cruz (R-TX). Please, the only difference between Sen. Cruz and Barack Obama is that one was most certainly born in a foreign country, and the other is President Obama.

Say what you want about liberals. At least they have standards beyond what makes your mom clap. Hillary Clinton has been vetted for the presidency for roughly two decades. Ted Cruz has been a viable candidate since his latest interview.

Michael Sullivan


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom