The correct solution

While I think it’s commendable to address the way to drug epidemics, education and recovering options, they are not going to work. There has to be a totally different approach that could work. All a person has to do is look around and see the answer. It’s almost everywhere in our city. I’m speaking of all the rundown, decaying, and junk filled properties.

A good solution would be to put these drug abusers to work to make our city a desireable place to live and visit. Drug abusers need to build up a self-worth, to have confidence and pride in their selves. That would make them a contribution to society instead of a leech to society.

You wonder, where will the money come from? From building suppliers, donations they can write off on taxes, contributions from citizens that want this terrible problem to go away, fund raising, their are a host of ways to raise monies to make are city a great place to live and raise a family. These people can easily be taught to put a roof, siding windows, painting, cleaning up trash, yardwork, shoveling snow for the handicapped and elderly.

I’m a very compassionate person but think that just having addicts sit and listen to educating and then making them try to recover is just not going to work, and I’m sure statistics will show that nationwide.

I truly believe it would build up confidence, self- worth and pride in addicts. Just think, if we can accomplish something as this and other counties, states, and even our whole nation can see what our city can do to clean up this epidemic, what a tribute to us. No more educating and recovering centers, waste of time and money.

Linda Lee Anderson


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom