The odd couple

Recent photos have been released in early September that showed Secretary of State, John Kerry who serves under Barack Obama (D) with former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger who served under Richard Nixon (R) leaving high-level meetings regarding the situation in Syria. Kissinger’s history as a war criminal is evident in literature and history books. Atrocities that he committed in Vietnam and Chile will be hard to forgive, if they can be forgiven. It seems that Secretary Kerry is seeking advice from Mr. Kissinger on how to proceed with Syria. Is it surprising that a democrat and republican are coming together on this issue? Is bipartisanship finally upon us?

Sadly, it is the same story of American foreign policy as we have seen over the years. American imperialism and exceptionalism drives foreign policy. Kissinger assisted in planning the overthrow of a democratically elected government and installed Pinochet who was a brutal dictator in Chile. Pinochet’s future mass killings of his own civilians were overlooked by the State Department. Chemical agents such as Agent Orange that were used not only to kill civilians, but also vegetation and crops were employed in Vietnam. These are some examples of policies employed by the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Henry Kissinger.

Is it truly about the concern and the well-being of the Syrian populace that we consider firing missiles; that could kill even more civilians and even further destabilize Syria in the name of teaching Assad a lesson? Or is it more of the same foreign policy that keeps the War Machine going and keeps the Military Industrial Complex profitable and the Federal Reserve in power? Mr. Kerry, the staunch opponent to the Vietnam War, is eager to flex American muscle in Syria to “send a message”. Republicans, Neoconservatives, and Democrats should be overjoyed by Mr. Kissinger’s presence in Mr. Kerry’s inner circle.

Christopher Erdman

South Williamsport

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom