The public’s wishes

Most of the recent polls on Obamacare put its disapproval rating at about 70 percent, as near as I can tell. If that is true, then wouldn’t you have to agree that the recent bill passed by the Republican-controlled House, which funds the government for another month but delays funding for Obamacare for a year, basically aligns with the public’s wishes?

If that be so, then if the Democratic-led Senate refuses to go along with some version of the House bill, aren’t they the ones who should be blamed, in spite of how they try to spin it, if the government should default Oct. 1?

Unless I am wrong in my judgment, I think the public is increasingly skeptical of liberal spin and may be ready to listen to the truth, if only Republicans can put it out there with simple truths that everyone can understand, and the back them up with the statistics that are widely available, and then widely publicize them. Traditionally, Republicans fail to communicate adequately, and in today’s world, that is a big failing.

It is long past time that conservatives should realize that compromising with liberals doesn’t mean letting them have their way. The House of Representatives has done what they think is the right thing now they should plainly and persistently explain why it is right, and then let the chips fall where they may. Period!

Eugene Sellers

Trout Run