The real majority

In response to Mark Stephen Nicholas, you’re correct, the Democrats don’t need any help making themselves look foolish and stupid. The big, mean Sun-Gazette should just fall in line with most major news outlets and praise President Obama and the Democrats as saviors. Also, in response to Ron Kamzelski, the reason articles critical of Obamacare are published is that the “affordable health care act” will set up a poorly constructed system that is doomed to fail.

Also, if you’re interested in learning about something that doesn’t line up with your views, (which I suspect you are not) in the mid ’90s Congress was prepared to pass a law to create a universal health care system that had a much better chance of being sustainable, but it was blocked by Democrats, led by Hilary Clinton, who were unwilling to compromise.

If I didn’t know any better, this “new” information would make me believe that the aforementioned were more worried about getting their way than providing people with a sustainable health care system. For the record, forcing businesses to give everyone health care hurts the people who need health care the most because their hours will be cut to part time.

Finally, the majority of people are starting to see just how poorly constructed Obamacare is, so don’t claim to be speaking for the majority before doing your research.

Phil McCraken


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom