The war on Christianity

In a recent letter entitled War on Christianity the writer would have us believe that it is the Republicans who are not in step with the New Testament and that the Democrats are. First of all, no political party in the world has a monopoly on adherence to Biblical principles; not Hesbollah (the Party of God) not Germany’s “Christian Democrats”, and most definitely none of the parties in the U.S. As the Good Book says, all fall short of the glory of God. However, if one wishes to examine the premise of the letter in question one must ask where it is written in the New Testament that the destruction of innocent infants is condoned I must have been absent from Sunday School when that lesson was taught.

According to more than one Biblical reference God knows us at conception, or in His words “when I knitted you in your mother’s womb.”. Also in question is the popular concept of an automatic forgiveness , like an all-encompassing insurance policy that automatically kicks in whenever we stray, with no accountability on our part. Yes, Jesus forgave the adulterous woman, but with this caveat, “Go, and sin no more.” He never said or implied, “Aw, that’s okay. Do whatever you want, just as long as you’re happy.” But that is precisely where our society has been heading in recent years.

The taxation policies of the current administration would indicate that they are right in line with the first half of Luke 20:25, “Render therefore unto Caesar the things which be Caesar’s” , but are reluctant to adhere to the second half, “and unto God the things which be God’s” for fear of offending non-believers. The Lord said that those who deny Him before man would be denied before the Father, so let’s be a little more careful who we accuse of waging a “war on Christianity,” shall we?

Kenneth H. Robertson


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom