They still exist

My wife and I own Jack and Sarah’s Family Restaurant in Cogan Station. On Aug. 23, 2013, a young man came into our establishment and told us that he and 25 others would be coming to our restaurant the following morning and he wanted to let us know ahead of time. We were pleased that these young men allowed us the opportunity to be ready for their group the next morning. Their concern allowed us to forewarn the cook and waitstaff, in order for them to be ready for the group.

When the boys arrived on Friday morning, they conducted themselves as perfect gentlemen. They were not loud or intrusive. Their conduct was noticed by other customers, who mentioned it as they left. What is even more impressive is these young men did this without adult supervision. They took it upon themselves to monitor their own behavior and we think they should be very proud of themselves.

We later found out that these young men had walked from Balls Mills on Route 973 to our place on Lycoming Creek Road. We also determined that the boys were members of the Williamsport High School soccer team.

We just wanted to write this note to let the community know that there are still some well-mannered, respectful and pleasant young men in our schools.

Jack and Sarah Rooney

Cogan Station